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Finally.A boutique, strategic outbound agency
Trusted by SaaS companies who know outbound like Clay, Instantly, and Sonos.

Cut through the noise. With one-to-many that feels like one-to-one.

People respond to people. Not mass emails. (They're far too busy for that.)

With the advent of AI & the accuracy of data available in 2024, we can now create hyper-relevant campaigns to specific market segments.

Emails so relevant & personalized, they feel human.

Match you with your best-fit data providers.

We evaluate 30+ data providers to select the ones that are the best match for your unique market & GTM strategy.

Custom scraping, AI lead scoring, and waterfall enrichment are all within our tech specs.

We don’t call ourselves “boutique” just to be fancy.

We keep a limited roster of clients.

We’re no “burn & churn” agency. Because we’re in this for shared success & long-term results.

And if we don’t think we can hit it out of the park for you, we’ll tell you upfront, so we don’t waste your time.

Katie Thies


Katie has been a SaaS marketer for over 10 years.

She cut her teeth in the trenches as a sales rep at IBM, Personal Capital & Tapcheck.

Katie saw the impact she could have by applying her sales chops to copywriting & running experiment-driven growth campaigns. High-velocity testing to transform a startup’s growth trajectory.

Katie has spoken at conversion copywriter conferences and was a 2017 graduate of The Copywriter Mastermind.

Katie is personally involved in every campaign we create.


"I think she may be a genius."

Joanna Wiebe, Copyhackers

"Katie is an absolute killer."

Eric Nowoslawski, Growth Engine X

"Katie is one of the smartest marketers out there."

Sophia Dagnon, GetUplift